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In collaboration with Different Perspectives Art Games Festival we are presenting games from independent developers with a social approach.


Discover games that embody all forms of teamwork – games designed to engage with your coplayers in surprising ways. How does a video game form the unique social interaction between you and your coplayer(s)?

  • th 16 feb 18u-22u

  • fr 17 feb 18u-22u

  • sa 18 feb 12u-22u

  • su 19 feb 12-17u

In the bar of NTGent Minnemeers

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Workshops for schools on the latest technologies.


Thinking with your hands and head about the latest technologies? We teach the computer to think like us. But what if you ask computer something about yourself? How can you learn to think like a computer? Join a workshop!

The AI-spiegel (3de graad lager)

by The Algorythmic Gaze

We discover the possibilities of artificial intelligence in a playful way.

  • mo 13 feb

The Taalrobot (3de graad secundair)


Can you make a computer write poetry? Or even your homework?

  • tu 14 feb

  • wed 15 feb

Info and bookings?


In this professional part of the festival, we round off the All the screen's a stage project with a 3-day make-a-thon in collaboration with Nerdlab, z-arts (Manchester) en Young At Art (Belfast).





Make-a-thon = “making things together”. In a short period of time we collab an  come up with new ideas with an emphasis on fun, learning and networking.


With All the screen's a stage we investigate the possibilities and applicability of digital (performance) art for young audiences.  What useful lessons did we learn from the pandemic which has forced many theaters to create or broadcast digital work? How can we use online performing arts in a sustainable way?


At the end of the weekend we come up with concrete ideas and prototypes on how we can present sustainable digital theater to the world.

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